1. john-lennons-sideburns:

    Paul McCartney enjoying what seems to be a delicious apple

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    Oasis 2005 photo by Alfredo Arias

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    Ringo. In a bathtub. With cowboy boots. A sheriff’s star on his vest. Why not? Photo by Nancy Lee Andrews.

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    brandon flowers

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  8. porn

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    I remember the night this happened…

    We were all so fucking confused. Like, where the hell did he get those beads? Is he really wearing the sunburst pin on that jank-ass coat? What happened to his face?

    And then he wore the coat when he was hanging out with Bono and we were even more confused.

    Then Sam’s Town happened and we just got fuckin’ used to it and stopped asking questions. 

    And the fact that he just “OWNED” the fact that it was missing that damn button!

    I wished this look had last longer.

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